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The Friends of the National Railway Museum North East Branch ( FNRM NE ) is the Friends group based at
Locomotion - the National Railway Museum at Shildon.
The NE group of the Friends organisation started when the Museum opened in 2004 and later, when members of the Hackworth Society merged with it, the North East Branch of the Friends was established at "Locomotion".
The Branch is now a relatively small group of predominantly recently retired, and active, individuals who meet at the museum to assist the museum manager and his staff on site and to help to raise still further the local and regional profile of the museum.
Our particular interest and enjoyment lies in regularly cleaning the iconic steam locos and other railway vehicles on display in the Collections Building, fund raising activities, networking with other like minded railway related organisations and encouraging people to join the Friends or become volunteers at Locomotion.
Our latest coup is the purchase of the last Shildon Wagon Works built MGR Wagon which we have brought back to Locomotion from South Wales and intend to place it on display to celebrate the wagon building prowess of Shildon Works until its untimely demise in 1984.
We are always on the look out for new members so why not come along on Tuesday mornings, our regular cleaning sessions, to see if you too wish to contribute towards safeguarding our national railway heritage?
For more information, please E-Mail info@fnrm-ne.org.uk
´╗┐Subject to the availability of volunteers,
the Cab of a Locomotive, in Locomotion, will be opened up,
from 10.30am to 12.30pm every Tuesday,
so the Public can have access.
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